Reinhart Corporate Services



Reinhart Corporate Services is a diversified enterprise founded in Silicon Valley.

We offer experience in:

Staffing: Executives and Engineers of all kinds primarily in California and China.

Marketing, we use out of the box techniques that noticed. The first project was in the NY Times, they printed an interview that never happened, but the publicity for Apple was enormus.. Most of our efforts now involve effective use of the internet.

Facilities management and development, from Latvia to Shanghai and even in Bangalore. This included sales offices, call centers, factories and R&D centers. Taking it to the next level by completing projects within or below projected costs in a timely manner.

Software design, development and marketing. Starting with the Apple II+ to applications for Android based smart phones..

Geometric technical analysis training for money managers.

URL Sales and Leasing. See a list of URL's that are for lease or sale.

Management of Funds  Two choices in that area.

Publishing See a list of books and courses we here
















































































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